Combo Harnesses

3D with Suspenders and Grommets on Legs
4D Ring with Grommets
4D Ring with Quick Connects
86LE ALP Flex Combo
Flex Combo Harness
Lineman Combo Harness Grommets/Mating
Lineman Combo Harness Grommets/Quick
Tower Harness


5D Grommet Harness
700 with Belt Loops 2D
700AP Harness
735AD Harness
740 AP with Belt Loops
740 with 1D
777 AP XT Harness
777A XT Harness, AE
Express Harness
Full Body Harness with Extension
Hawk 1D
Hawk 3D
Night Hawk 1D
Night Hawk 3D
Stage Rigger Harness

700 with Belt Loops 2D #44222 & 44224
700 with Belt Loops 2D Description
This harness is made of nylon. It has a front d-ring at chest level and at center-back. The buckles are all quick connects. For added comfort this harness comes with shoulder pads that can easily be removed. It has lanyard clips at the chest. Large built-in loops on the sides and back, allow this harness to integrate a belt and therefore convert it into a combo-harness. Five point adjustment.

Color: Yellow/Black
Size: Small/Large-44222, Large/Extra-Large-44224

J. E. LORTIE CIE LTÉE / CO. LTD. 3160 de Rouen, Montreal QC, H1W 1K7
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