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86LE ALP Flex Combo #43781-43793
86LE ALP Flex Combo Description
A linesman's combo harness using the Jelco 569 Body Belt with a Flex Harness. There are four D-rings, one on each hip, one on the back, and one on the chest. There are bayonet-style quick connect buckles on the chest and leg straps. A light-weight harness suitable for pole climbing, tower climbing, or bucket work. The 569 Body Belt features a six inch back pad for greater support.

The Flex system is a new tubular system that gives the worker the freedom to move side ways.

Size: 18-43781, 19-43782, 20-43783, 21-43784, 22-43785, 23-43786, 24-43787, 25-43788, 26-43789, 27-43790, 28-43791, 29-43792, 30-43793

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